Nighttime Lovers

Since 2004 we are releasing with great success our 80’s compilation series Nighttime Lovers. Meanwhile we have released already volume 20 and the colector BOX 11 - 20.

On our compilations Nighttime Lovers you won’t find the big commercial clubtracks, which you will find on any other commercial compilation, but only very hard to find but still in demand 80’s disco funk tracks. Much of our material is licensed from the Major companies but also we are trying to get tracks from obscure small labels who sometimes are already out of business for many years.

Latest Releases

  • 20volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 20
    Vol. 20 presents again a great selection of sophisticated, highly in demand...
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  • 19volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 19
    Vol. 19 of the popular compilation series, presents again a great selection of...
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  • 18volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 18
    Volume 18 of the highly popular Nighttime Lovers compilation series. Vol. 18 presents...
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  • 17volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 17
    Bobby King, Brick, John White, Central Line, Direct Drive, Funk Deluxe, Jean Jones, I Level
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  • 16volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 16
    Luther Vandross, Brothers Johnson, Carl Carlton, Cool Runners, Mtume, Chi-Lites
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  • 15volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 15
    Evan Rogers, Lanier & Co., Loose Ends, Lillo Thomas, Tavares, Victor Tavares
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  • 14volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 14
    Penney Ford, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Eleanor Grant, Ruth Dawes, Con Funk Shun
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  • 13volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 13
    Jones girls, Atlantic Starr, Pleasure, Michael Wycoff, Legacy, Indeep,
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  • 12volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 12
    Lisa Richards, Central Parque, Amra, Fantasy & Shawne Jackson
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  • 11volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 11
    Gift Of Dreams, Ron Banks, Barbara Fowler, Superior Movement & Darlene Davis
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  • BOXvolume

    Nighttime Lovers BOX
    Including this great BOX you'll find Nighttime Lovers volume 1 to 10
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  • 10volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 10
    Angela Bofill, Earl Turner, Jeff Lorber Band, Jimmy Williams, Keith Sweat, Kim Herte
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  • 09volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 09
    Heaven & Earth, Xavier, Michael Lovesmith, Sunrize Alfie Silas
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  • 08volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 08
    Carl Anderson, Black Ivory, Margie Joseph, Legion, Cool Runners
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  • 07volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 07
    Chocolate Milk, Ingram, Laurice Hudson, Eugene Wilde, Kreamcicle
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  • 06volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 06
    Tavares, Loveline, Curtis Hairston, Cutty, Naimi, Felicia Collins
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  • 05volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 05
    Barbara Mason, Chemise, Evelyn "Champagne" King & World Premiere
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  • 04volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 04
    Meli'sa Morgan, Windjammer, Melba Moore, Double Vision, Thunderstorm
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  • 03volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 03
    NV, Mercy Mercy, Active Force, Kinky Foxx, Brothers Johnson, Enchantment
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  • 02volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 02
    Larry Wu, Starbound, High Fashion, Projection, Kano, Richard Jon Smith
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  • 01volume

    Nighttime Lovers volume 01
    Change, High Fashion, Blue Feather, B.B.&Q. Band, Chocolate Milk, Mystic Merlin
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Last Release

Nighttime Lovers Vol 20

Nighttime Lovers Volume 20

Vol. 20 presents again a great selection of sophisticated, highly in demand disco/funk classics from the 80’s era.

This special anniversary edition contains an extra bonus track and again we selected for you great 12 inch versions from: Kashif, Jennifer Holliday, Ritchie Family, Lemelle, Tom Browne, Motivation, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Gary Taylor and many other gems of the eighties era.

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